About Us

The motive of this website is to help customers who are facing certain problems while filling My KFC experience Survey. Our only motive is to make their experience seamless and hassle free. KFC is a global food chain that specializes in Fried Chicken. Over the year they have diversified their portfolio. Their product range now includes Salads, Burgers and various other beverages. 

KFC is one of the first names that comes to our mind when we think of a Fried Chicken now-a-days. That is the power of a big brand like KFC. KFCexperience survey is a step in the direction of making the “KFC experience” better. Accessing the KFC survey is as easy as visiting their website and entering the questionnaire code and the date of your visit. 

After that you will be asked to answer a few questions regarding your last experience at KFC store. These questions can be regarding the food, customer service, cleanliness at the restaurant, the time taken to get your order and various other customer service related matters. 

With KFC experience survey you have a chance of winning rewards worth $1000 by answering a simple and easy survey. You must keep in mind that you will have to be at least 18 years of Age and be a resident of United States of America. You must have a receipt from KFC. Receipt from KFC should not be of more than 30 days old.

You would require a Mobile phone or a Computer with a working Internet connection to fill out the survey form. You should have basic knowledge of English and Spanish language to fill out the feedback form. Employees and Families of employees of KFC Store are not allowed to take part in the feedback survey. You should be honest in your reply to the questions asked in the survey.

KFC guarantees you that the best experience at their store. With several stores worldwide KFC cannot afford to get a dent on their customer service. Hence they have started the MyKFCExperience survey to listen about any flaw that might exist. This is the reason why MYKFCExperience is so important. 

KFC has around 20,000 stores around the world this makes it one of the largest quick serve restaurant in the world. It is the second largest restaurant in the world after McDonalds in terms of sales. Being a large restaurant KFC always priorities on providing the best customer service to their customers, for this they incentivize customers for giving honest feedback to them.