Get sorted with your FAQs on KFC:

KFC stands to be one of the most exclusive restaurants globally because of its no compromising delicacies and specially that of the chicken. But sometimes people stand on with discovering certain FAQ’s that need to be answered by KFC for its customers. These answers are a part to clear doubts by the KFC for its important customers who make KFC stand as one of the best chicken fast food range globally.

Mobile ordering:

With the FAQ of mobile ordering, people sometimes go crazy when they think if they can order their packet at the drive-thru. Then it would be a big Yes, if the restaurant has a drive-thru. You need to check on if you have the option to collect at the drive-through or front counter. But certain times pick up options stay close at different times and just check out if you will only choose at the time you check in. 

How do you pick up your order:

Once you are ready to collect your order have a check on to let the store know that you have arrived and then choose the preferred channel. For the drive-thru, let the team know your order number and you can also order at the window if you prefer to have the food immediately. Then the person from KFC will get it fried. But if you are collecting at the restaurant then the team will collect your contact number from the order itself and will get you to know about your order. 

If the chicken is left out then what do the KFC stores do:

When it comes to the Kentucky fried chicken, then there majorly is no leftover. But when there is some amount left off then KFC has partnered with the food bank and OzHarvest who provides these chickens to the people who are in need. 

Is there vegetarian delights served at KFC:

Being a global restaurant chain, KFC is open for both vegetarians and chicken lovers. We serve hot chips that are cooked in canola oil and they are not having any kind of animal products. Even we have sweet delights and the vegetarian dishes are cooked separately. 

What experience is KFC providing its employees with:

There is a good number of roles being offered depending on the employee performance. Our staffs are best with providing excellent customer service to serve our customers. 

Is KFC going to deliver at destination:

Yes, we deliver and that too at your destination where you need. We have delivery and menu log to take care of the delivery system. Most important you can place the order in advance as well. 

The online orders are being paid on the KFC app or on website for just click and collect or you can directly move on with door dash, delivery or with menu log for those interested in getting the delivery. 

How to get the KFC secret menu on the app:

There is no secret menu on the KFC app and this is not filled with the colonel’s craziest creations to date. There stands no secret menu. So you can just order online as well as visit our store to get the best of our delights. 

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