Colonel Harland Sanders founded KFC in 1930 from his road side restaurant. KFC made chicken popular in the fast food industry. It became one of the first companies to expand internationally. KFC now serves a variety of dishes including Chicken fillet sandwich, Wraps, Side dishes, Salads apart from the traditional chicken that it is famous for selling. 

KFC has around 20,000 stores around the world this makes it one of the largest quick serve restaurant in the world. Being a large restaurant KFC always priorities on providing the best customer service to their customers, for this they incentivize customers for giving honest feedback to them.  

You must keep in mind that you will have to be at least 18 years of Age and be a resident of United States of America. You must have a receipt from KFC. Receipt from KFC should not be of more than 30 days old. You would require a Mobile phone or a Computer with a working Internet connection to fill out the survey form. 

You should have basic knowledge of English and Spanish language to fill out the feedback form. Employees and Families of employees of KFC Store are not allowed to take part in the feedback survey. You should be honest in your reply to the questions asked in the survey.

Importance of Survey

The feedback program is an initiative in the direction to be able to gather more honest feedback from customers who on a daily basis have to interact and engage with KFC’S staff and eat KFC’s food. With KFC experience survey you have a chance of winning rewards worth $1000 by answering a simple and easy survey. 

In terms of customer experience the My KFC Experience is a very important to make the KFC experience better. The survey takes just a few minutes. The survey directly goes to the KFC Customer support when high tech AI and Data Interpretation techniques are used to make sense of the feedback provided by the customer. The customer support may further contact you for more details if the need be. 

You can browse our website in case you find any problem regarding the survey, you can also contact us for any solution to any query that you might have regarding the KFC feedback survey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it the Official website of My KFC feedback experience?

No, this is not the official website for My KFC Feedback experience.

What is the purpose of this website?

The motive of this website is to help customers who are facing certain problems while filling My KFC experience Survey. Our only motive is to make their experience seamless and hassle free.

What is the Official my KFC experience website?

You can visit the official website of Survey at