How to get free coupons from KFC

KFC is one of the richest and best of fried chicken selling restaurant across the globe. For getting some of the free coupons from KFC’s there need to be a lot more of efforts. But you really don’t need to do that. It needs the My KFC experience with customer satisfaction survey that would help determine the satisfaction level of the customer on the products or the services. With the satisfactory survey report the customers will receive the coupon codes. The shoppers can find the coupon codes for some of the specific stores after they select for what they need to purchase into the search engine.

The promotional codes

There are promotional codes which are alphanumeric strings offered by the online stores. These are designed to encourage the purchase on their website which is associated with the overarching promotional marketing strategy. It also offers discounts that are associated with promo codes which is applicable to individual products or even sometimes the entire order.

Using the promo code

For using the promo code, you can follow the process provided below:-

  • First one need to add promo code for which at the bottom of the check out screen , the users need to look for “ add a promo code”.
  • Next enter the provided code and click or can tap apply. Once you have added a new address or credit card or the email address, the page might start reloading. After this happens then enter the details again.
  • Then you can complete the purchase.

What do you need for the KFC code

For the KFC code you need to have:

  • Must be a permanent resident of around 50 united states.
  • Should bear the proof of purchase with search invitation code in the KFC restaurant.
  • Should bear good English or Spanish skills to perform research.
  • Should have mobile device or PC or laptop.
  • Must have a strong internet connection and also have an access to www

Conditions for the KFC survey

Those stand some of the conditions for the KFC survey and one must follow that:-

  • The candidates participating in the My KFC experience must be at least of 18 years old.
  • The candidate must participate in one survey per week.
  • The KFC search invitation code is valid of 30 days after visiting KFC restaurants.
  • The cash rewards survey or other options for the client is not valid.
  • The prize can only be redeemed at certain specified time at the KFC branch.
  • This is not applicable for employees or their family members for KFC research.

For registration, visit the and then follow the online instructions to complete the research with answering several questions.

Once the investigation is complete then the customer is going to receive a verification code. Once you return to KFC, this code will help with receiving offers. But one must use authentication code which can only be used before the time runs out. This verification code is valid for 30 days after their visit to KFC store.

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